What is Apporto? 

Apporto is a cloud-based virtual desktop service that allows students to access a remote Windows desktop from any device with a web browser. Instructors can also have the ability to view and control students' screens; new software can be added by request through  IThelp's service catalog, and external shared drives such as OneDrive can be connected to the remote desktop.

How do I access Apporto? 

·       Visit https://signon.stjohns.edu/ and sign in with your college username and password, then click the Apporto application.


·          After signing in, click the Launch button below “St John’s - Full Desktop”. The desktop will appear in a new browser tab or window.

You may need to disable your popup blocker if the desktop does not appear after clicking Launch.

There are a limited number of seats available (think of a physical lab on campus that only has so many workstations), IT must manually grant access to students or faculty. Students and instructors in classes that need to access lab software will be granted access at the start of the semester and will lose access after the end of the semester.

How do I obtain access to Apporto?

Your professor should request access for you at the start of the semester. If your professor hasn't requested access, please have them submit an access request for you. The link for the service request can be found here.

Automated Standby Mode

On 1/1/22, Apporto introduced an automated standby mode between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM local time. During this window, if no users are using the service, the Apporto servers will be in standby mode. If a user decides to start using the service at 10:30 PM, the server will automatically start, and the user will have to wait for a minute or two while the server starts. If a user is using the server at 9:30 PM, the server will wait until the user finishes their session to shift to standby mode. If the system is waking up from standby mode, the user will see a message similar to the following: 

Apporto Standby Mode Message

How do I use the virtual desktop?

Apporto’s virtual desktop works like any Windows 10 computer. When you log in for the first time, you will be presented with instructions that you should follow to learn about the features specific to Apporto. Other applications can be accessed as if you were working at a local Windows 10 computer.

Please see the following documentation for more information on how to use Apporto’s unique features:

·         Apporto Frequently Asked Questions

·          Apporto Help Center and User Guide

·         Connecting Cloud Storage (such as One Drive)

What software is available on the virtual desktop?

·         Office 2019 (including Access)

·         Tableau 2021.2

·         GMetrix Skills Management System

UI Path Academic Alliance Edition


For the Best Experience with Apporto

  • All browsers will work, but Google Chrome is recommended.

  • Use a high bandwidth, low latency internet connection. 

  • Save your work frequently, especially if your internet connection is unstable.