MakerBot Print is a Free application provided by MakerBot to slice and prepare 3D Files for 3D Printing.

  1. Using your web browser, navigate to the following Web page:
  2. Click “Download” to download the latest version of MakerBot Print.
    MakerBot Print 4.10.1 Download Options Windows
  3. Once the application has been downloaded, run and install MakerBot Print.
  4. Once the application has been installed, launch MakerBot Print. You’ll be greeted with a sign-in page
    MakerBot Print Start Screen (Windows)
  5. If you have not signed up for a MakerBot account, you’ll need to sign up. To do so, select “Sign up”
    MakerBot Print Account Sign-up Page
  6. Once you have completed the sign-up for your MakerBot Account, return to MakerBot Print and login using the credentials you created
    A screenshot of the MakerBot Print application prompting user to login with their MakerBot account.
  7. Once signed in, we’ll need to add a printer type so we can slice our files properly for printing. In the lower right corner, select the red “+” button next to where it says “Select a Printer”
    A screenshot of MakerBot Print logged in with an empty build plate. Arrow pointing to the "+" button in the bottom right
  8. From here, now select “Add an Unconnected Printer”
    Screenshot of the MakerBot Print Application with an arrow poitning to the option "Add an Unconnected Printer"
  9. From here, you will see a list of MakerBot Printers. Not all printers listed here are available to print to. Please select “Replicator +” which is located near the bottom of the list.
    1. More advanced users may have access to additional printer types at the approval of the Technology Commons Staff. Please only slice for Replicator + Printers unless specifically told to do otherwise.
      A screenshot of the Makerbot Print Application with an arrow pointing to the "Replicator +" printer option to select it
  10. You’ll now see on the right side of MakerBot Print under Printers, “Replicator + Export Only” This means we are ready to slice our 3D Files
    A screenshot of a portion of the MakerBot Print application with the unconnected Replicator + Printer added