Once Podium Systems is Start Up Click on Document Cam Selected

The Doc cam should turn on automatically, if not press the On Button

  • Rotating the Image: Tap the numbers under “Rotate” to digitally rotate the image.

  • Camera Light: You can turn the camera’s light on or off by selecting “On” or “Off” under Light.

  • Focusing the Image: Use the “Focus +” or “Focus -” button to manually adjust the focus of the image.

    • Selecting “Auto Focus” will attempt to focus on the object in front of the camera.

  • Zooming: Use the “Zoom +” or “Zoom –” buttons to zoom in and out of the image

  • Recording: Insert a flash drive into the USB slot in the right hand side of the Document Camera, then on the Document Camera push the “RECORDING” button. An orange light above that button indicates that it is recording. Push the “RECORDING” button again to end and save the recording. Recordings are saved on the flash drive under a folder called DCIM.