Podium Classroom System Operations -(MANHATTAN CLASSROOMS - Standard)
Astor Place - C06, 107, 108, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211


To startup the class technology, press the touch screen and select the “Start” button in lower left.

In a few seconds, the system will begin to power up the system, during this time, the screen will lower and turn on projector and power on the confidence TV in rear of the room.

To make a selection of presentation devices, click “Start” in lower left , and select “Presentation”.

You will be presented with a selection of input sources. Please make a choice for your presentation.


To present using the Podium PC, please select “Main PC” (second choice), and the Podium PC will be displayed on the projector screen, podium monitor and rear TV.


To present using the Laptop, please select “Laptop” (first choice), and choose if your laptop is connected via VGA or HDMI. Click the appropriate connection type.

The laptop source will be displayed on the projector screen, podium monitor and rear TV.


To present using the BluRay / DVD, please select “BluRay / DVD” (third choice), and the BluRay / DVD will be displayed on the projector screen, podium monitor and rear TV.

To control the player, please use the functions available on the touch panel, to Stop, Play, Pause, Previous, Rewind, Fast Forward, Next.


To present using AirMedia, please select “AirMedia” (fourth choice), and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the AirMedia. You will need to be connected to “SJUMobile” wifi network.

Input the AirMedia IP address in your browser. The connected webpage will provide instructions to present.

The AirMedia source will be displayed on the projector screen, podium monitor and rear TV.

Projector / Confidence Image Mute

For all sources, you also have the ability to “Mute” or blank the Projector image. To blank the projector image, press the “Projector Cleared” button on lower left of the touch panel and the image will disappear from the projector screen.
To return the image back, press the “Projector Cleared” button again, and the image will reappear on all presentation devices.

Audio Control

To control the audio level in the room, press the up arrow to raise the volume and the down arrow to lower the volume. Click the “Volume” button on lower right. The bar on the left tells you the current level. In addition, you can “Mute” the audio by pressing the “Mute” button. To un-mute the audio, press the “Mute” button again.

To Power Down the System

To power the system down, press the “Start” button on lower left. Click the “Shut Down” button, the touch panel will prompt to confirm, if you want to shut down the system.

Please choose “Yes” or “No”

Please logoff the Podium PC.

Podium Classroom Components

Using wireless presentation with AirMedia (Windows, Mac AirPlay)

Follow the on-screen inctructions, open a web browser, In the address bar, Type in the IP Address from the bottom left of the display.

Click the “Start Presenting Button” on the webpage.

Choose the appropriate OS to download for MacOS or Windows


For Windows: Locate and run the downloaded file to start AirMedia application EXE

Enter the four-digit code presented on the projected AirMedia screen, located below the IP address. Click “OK”

You are now connected to the AirMedia Receiver, and will see the controls.

If you have no audio, press the “Unmute” button to provide audio.

If you like to freeze the projected presentation, without disconnecting, press the “Pause” button.

If you are finished presenting, press the “Stop”


For MacOS : Locate and open the downloaded DMG, and double-click the “Crestron AirMedia” application.

Follow the instructions presented on the screen.

Click AirPlay Menu in the top system bar.

Find the appropriate AirMedia receiver and choose. The IP address will be the receiver name.

Enter the four-digit code presented on the projected AirMedia screen, located below the IP address. Click “OK

Your audio is controlled via your Mac audio, please adjust in the system audio bar.

If you are finished presenting, click AirPlay Menu in the top system bar. Choose “Turn AirPlay Off”

Using WebEx with Jabra PanaCast Web Camera on the Podium PC.

The Jabra Web Camera cannot be attached to a Laptop or AirMedia source.

The Jabra PanaCast Web Camera is attached to the Podium PC. Please adjust the camera view by turning it left or right, and viewed once in WebEx preview. Audio is also captured through the camera’s microphone.

Login to the Podium PC with your username and password credentials.

Open Google Chrome Browser Go to http://sju.webex.com and click Sign In, on right side of the screen.

Open the Cisco WebEx Meeting app on your Desktop and enter your email address, then click Next.

You will be prompted to enter your username and password credentials, and click Sign In.

Click the green “Start a Meeting” button or your (Start) scheduled class Upcoming Meetings, if you scheduled it ahead of time. (Recommended)

A Video preview will appear. The Jabra PanaCast on the lower right of preview window. Adjust your camera view while in preview window.

If you click on the Jabra PanaCast, you should see these settings for Speaker,. Microphone and Camera.

If you do not see these settings, click each dropbox and choose the appropriate setting.

Default Settings:
Speaker: Use System Settings - Use can click Test to check speakers

Microphone: Use System Settings (Jabra PanaCast) - Use will see a audio level in green, if audio is detected

Camera: Jabra PanaCast - a video preview will be displayed

Once a meeting starts, you will see Waiting for Others to join, and the Menu buttons and preview on the bottom of the WebEx window.

To share content, such as Screen or Powerpoint, you can click the “Share Content” Menu button. This can be also access on your top Menu bar. Click Share Content.

Depending on what type of content you want to share. You will be prompted to choose “Optimize for Text and Images” or “Optimize for motion and video”, in the top drop-down.
Choose the provided application window screens.

When Content is being shared, a Menu bar will appear on the top of the screen. The Menu will auto hide when presenting content, during the meeting. Hover at the top of your screen to bring the menu buttons in view.

To stop sharing content, click the “Stop Sharing” button on Menu. The lower Menu will be presented again.

To end the recording at the end of your class, following the previous instructions, click the red/white circle (Recorder) Menu button and click “Stop”, click “Stop Recording” to confirm.

When your class is over, click the red “End Meeting” button in the lower Menu. You will be prompted to confirm the ending of the meeting.