This type of classroom has a Jabra Webcam attached to the podium. The microphone is built into this webcam. (These are smaller rooms and typically have no additional microphones or camera controls from the touch panel in the room). The audio system is capable of lecture capture and web conferencing.

Support Jabra Camera/Microphone


  • Queens Campus

    • Marillac Hall: 106, 108, 111, 111a, 118, 132, 133, 133a, 135, 136, 137, 138, 138a, 139, 140b, 224,224a, 226, 226a, 234, 234a, 235, 235a, 237, 237a 241, 305, 306,306a,306b, 306c, 333, 333a, 334, 334a, 426, 426a, 427,428a, 428, 430, 430a 432, 432a, 433, 433a, 434, 434a.

    • Bent Hall: 102 (BAL LAB) 125, 126, 201, 202.

    • Bartilucci Center: (Pushbutton controls do not have a touchscreen controls below) 121/122, 127, 131/132.

Connecting to WebEx in a Type 2 Classroom

It is recommended that you use the Podium Desktop Computer in the classroom to take full advantage of the podium’s Jabra web camera/microphone system. Laptop cannot utilize all the time will only capture your recordings when standing in front of the laptop. The Jabra web camera/microphone has a very sensitive multi-directional microphone and can capture interaction from students.

  1. To Start:

    1. Make sure the Computer inside the Podium is turned on - Move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard to wake up the computer. If that does not work press the power button on the computer tower below to turn it on.

    2. Log into the computer use your windows login account.

    3. Touch the screen where it says “Press Here to Continue” to turn the system on.

    4. Select “Podium PC“ button on the Touch Panel and the system volume is on the right (webcam controls are manual for a Type 2 Jabra cam equipped room

    5. Make sure the computer volume is also up in the bottom right of the computer screen as well: Should also be set to “Crestron-4 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)”

    6. Then go to: and log into it with your email address and login password

      a. After logging in click on the cisco WebEx icon

      b. Then Click on meetings

      c. Then go to the scheduled meeting or to the personal room and click start the meeting (would have been a previously created and scheduled meeting)

      d. If you get this popup check off the box that says “Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app” and click open

      e. If WebEx does not open by itself, then click “Download it now” 

      f. Then in the bottom right of the browser windows click on “Click here to install webex.exe”

    7. The WebEx program will pop up and looks like this. In the bottom right of this window is where you can test your microphone, speaker settings. Click there

    8. The settings should be as follows for Speakers and Microphones in the room in the room.

    9. The Microphone and Camera are auto-set to the “Jabra PanaCast Webcam” you will know it is working by the blue lights on the front of the camera.

    10. After adjusted click start meeting.

    11. If you need to turn on the recording you can select and choose “Record in cloud”

      1. Meeting participants will start showing up now

      2. You may ask how the volume is at a good level from participants if not use Mic Volume as shown above to raise.

      3. From this menu you can also send email invites to anyone that did not connect.

      4. You can also share your computer screen here as well by clicking share content:

        A. Share content by clicking here:

        B.  Will show like this

    12. After completed please log off the Podium computer and Turn off the system from the touch panel.