The following are basic instructions on how to schedule a Webex Meeting.

How to Schedule a Meeting - St. John’s University Webex Webpage

  1. On the St. John’s University Webex Webpage, click the Schedule button (blue box below)

  2. On the Schedule a Meeting screen, leave the Meeting type as Webex Meetings Pro 1000

    1. For most meetings, you will not need to use the other meeting type, however, you can if you choose.

  3. Enter a Meeting topic (blue box below) into the text box. This will be the meeting's title.

  4. A Meeting password (blue box below) is generated automatically, however you can manually create your own meeting password.

    1. For security, passwords are required for all Webex Meetings.

  5. Set a Date and Time for your meeting using the dropdown.

    1. If you check the Recurrence box (blue box below) to have meeting occur on future dates these are the options:

      1. The Recurrence pattern will determine when this meeting will recur either Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly

      2. Based on the Recurrence pattern, you may have additional options to select.

      3. For recurring meetings, you will have to set an Ending option either No end date, Ending date which you will have to select and to end After xx number of meetings where you will have to enter the number of meetings.

  6. Finally, enter your Attendees email addresses using a comma or semicolon. If they are in the St. John’s University Employee directory, they will populate under Directory.

  7. Select Schedule (red arrow below) to schedule your meeting

    1. You can also select Save as template to save this meeting’s settings to be used for future meetings.

Advanced Scheduling Options:

  1. When scheduling a meeting on the St. John’s University Webex webpage, you can click on Show advanced options (blue box below) dropdown menu to access the following additional settings for a meeting:

    1. Audio connection options

    2. Agenda

    3. Scheduling Options