All Webex platforms, Meetings, Events, and Training Center have the built-in ability to record sessions. However, Webex Meetings is the only current platform to allow sessions to be recorded automatically at the start of the Meeting. Please note, this option is only available when you schedule a meeting on the webpage. Automatic Recording options are not available if you just start a meeting from the Web or Desktop apps.


For steps on how to set up a scheduled meeting in Webex, please see How to Schedule a Webex Meeting

  1. In Schedule a Meeting, scroll down to Show advanced options (red arrow below) and click the dropdown arrow to expand this section

  2. In advanced options, select the dropdown arrow for Scheduling Options (blue arrow below)

  3. In Scheduling Options, check the Automatic recording option (red box above).

  4. When you are done setting any additional meeting options, click the blue Schedule button.