Limit distractions and maintain privacy in your current surroundings by using a virtual background. You can blur your background, change your background, or add a background image during your meeting, event, or training session

Enabling Virtual Backgrounds in Breakout Sessions

  1. If you would like to use a virtual background, select the dropdown option for video (blue box below) in the Webex Meetings control bar at the bottom of the Webex meeting screen and select the Change virtual background option (green arrow below).

  2. Your camera settings will now open and you can choose from a variety of preset virtual backgrounds (blue box below) or by uploading your own virtual background by clicking the box (red box below) and uploading your own image.

  3. When you are satisfied with your virtual background choice, click the Apply button (green arrow above) to set your virtual background.

Virtual backgrounds can be enabled on Windows and Mac using the Webex Desktop apps and on iOS and Android via the Webex Meet app.