Adding Cohosts to a Instructions

  1. In the Webex Schedule a Meeting window on, enter the email addresses of the Attendees (red box below) you want to attend your meeting

  2. To designate specific attendees as cohosts, click the Person icon to the right of their name. It will turn Blue (blue box below) indicating they’ve been added as cohosts. Only people with or email addresses can be made Cohosts.

  3. Once you have finished entering the remainder of your meeting details, click the blue Schedule button to schedule your meeting.


Because the Cohost role provides privileges similar to the host role, Cohosts can help to improve meeting productivity. If the host is running late or can't attend, a cohost can start and manage the meeting. Cohosts can also assist the host with meeting management, which is useful for larger meetings.

During a meeting, hosts can assign the Cohost role to one or more meeting attendees. The option to assign the role is dimmed for attendees who join from unsupported clients. If the host assigns the Cohost role to invitees while scheduling the meeting, those invitees join the meeting with the Cohost role. During the meeting, the host can assign the cohost role to attendees—even to guest attendees.

Cohosts can perform the following meeting management tasks:

  • Start and host the meeting for you.

  • Mute or unmute some, or all participants.

  • Permit or prevent attendees from unmuting themselves after the host or cohost mutes them.

  • Share multimedia.

  • Move attendees to and from the lobby.

  • Expel attendees.

  • Invite and remind attendees.

  • Manage breakout sessions

  • Join breakout sessions to help attendees.

  • End the meeting.

  • Lock or unlock the meeting.