Accessing Student Advisement Reports in DegreeWorks 

Students may access the Student Advisement Reports powered by DegreeWorks through
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  1. Sign in to the portal login

  2. Once logged on, students and designated advisors can click the "DegreeWorks" widget to access the Student Advisement Report.

    DegreeWorks app logo

  3. A report is automatically generated as soon as you log in to DegreeWorks. All data is broken down into individual cards. Each card represents areas to be met for your degree progress. 
    First Degree Advisement Report

  4. If you have a second degree, click on the down arrow in the Degree field to generate a report for the other degree. 
    Second Degree Advisement Report

  5. To access the “What-if Analysis” click on the What-if tab next to Academic. What-if Analysis displays academic requirements if contemplating switching from the current major.
    What if analysis tab

  6. To see a specific area of requirement you can click on the blue hyperlink text to review results.

    Specific Requirements Needed

  7. See your current degree progress on each card using the “Legend” available at the bottom of the report.
    DegreeWorks Legend

    (Related article: DegreWorks Tutorial - Using What-if Analysis Feature)

    If you have additional questions regarding Student Advisement Reports - DegreeWorks, please contact your Advisor or the Office of the Registrar at or 718-990-1339.

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