Microsoft OneDrive

Using Microsoft OneDrive on the web
** Microsoft's current upload limitation per each individual file is 250 GB.

To login to OneDrive:

Sign in to

  • Click on Office365 Office Portal

  • Click the "Waffle" icon in the upper-left corner. Then, click on the OneDrive Icon.

In order to save files to the OneDrive account:

  • Once logged in to OneDrive, click the “Add New” button and select the files to be uploaded.  Choose to either upload specific files, or an entire folder by selecting: FIles upload or Folder upload.

    Another option would be to click on the "My Files" tab on the left side. Then, you will be able to highlight all of the files that are to be uploaded.

    • Drag and drop them into the center of the main window.

    • Once the files are dragged into the screen, the page to should change, informing that the files are ready to be accepted. The page will look like the image below.

To use the OneDrive App installed on a computer

Using the OneDrive app on your computer will automatically synchronize all files listed in the folders that you specify. As long as your computer is connected to the internet, it will sync. If you are offline, it will stay in a pending status until the next time that you connect to the internet.

Windows OS-Based computers

  • If you are a student and using a version of Windows that is older than Windows 10, please visit:, and download the software. 

  • Please note:
    If you are a St. John's employee or faculty member and have been issued a University computer, this is already installed on the computer you are assigned.  By default, it is syncing your documents folder, and desktop files.

    Click on the Start Menu, and search for OneDrive.  Click on the app when it comes up. This should open a folder with your St. John's email address labeled on it.  

MacOS-based computers

  • On a MacOS-based computer, please go to the Apple App Store, and search for OneDrive. Click to install it.

  • Please note that if you are a St. John's employee or faculty member, and have been issued a University Apple MacBook, this is already installed on your computer.

    Once installed, go to your Applications folder or search for "OneDrive" in the Spotlight.

  • Once you open it, you will be prompted to log in. Enter your Sign-On Portal credentials in order to log in to your account.
    * Please note, if you are a student your email address should end with, as with the login for

  • Click the "Work or School" Button, this will redirect you to log in to your Sign-On Portal.

  • Click Next 

  • In this option, it will automatically backup all files that are listed on your Desktop, in your Documents folder, and in your Pictures folder. Click Continue.

  • Click Next

  • Click Next

  • Click Later

  • Click Open My OneDrive Folder

  • One Drive will begin syncing your folders.

For additional information on how to sync your folders on a MacOS computer, please see: Microsoft OneDrive for Mac

If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to call our Service Desk, 718-990-5000, Monday to Friday: 730am to 730pm EST.

You may also request assistance by creating an appointment with our IT Service Center:  How do I schedule an appointment with IT?