In the Outlook Desktop App:

  1. On the Outlook Ribbon, in the top right corner of the Outlook window, click "Get Add-Ins"

  2. In the search box, Type Report then click on Report Message in the results:

  3. Click the Add button, once it’s finished you will see Added. Close the window.

  4. It will now appear in the Outlook Ribbon on the top right. After the add-in is installed and enabled, you'll see the following icon:

    In Outlook, the icon looks like this:

To report a suspicious email in Outlook

  1. Open the message

  2. Click on the Report Message button in the Outlook Ribbon

  3. In the menu that appears, classify the email as Junk, Phishing, or Not Junk.

If you receive phishing or even junk email in your inbox, please use the Report Message add-in to identify the message to help improve our email filters.

  1. JUNK: Junk mail, sometimes referred to as Spam, is typically unsolicited, of a commercial nature (e.g. advertising), and usually sent in bulk. These messages may be treated similarly to the way we would treat the garbage we get our snail mail and can simply be deleted. Some of the protections in Office 365 help identify as Junk and put them in your Junk folder, so items already there do not need to be reported. We generally discourage users from even opening messages in their Junk folder. If the user is absolutely certain that a message has been incorrectly classified as Junk, they can: highlight the message, click on Report message, then select Not Junk to move the item back to their Inbox and help "tune" the Office 365 Junk filters.

  2. PHISHING: While they can be similar to SPAM, phish messages also carry a heavy dose of malicious intent - attempting to collect information from Internet users, to be used for illicit purposes (such as potential identity theft, embarrassment, ruined reputations, and harassment, disrupted operations of accounts, compromise of brand integrity for businesses and loss of data, spread malware, or theft of intellectual property.)

Examples of how the Report Message button may appear:

1. Click the Report Message button and choose the most appropriate option to the best of your knowledge, either Junk or Phishing

2. Choose Report or Cancel not to Report - you can select Don't show me this message again if you don't want to be prompted each time.


To report a suspicious email from Web Outlook:

1. Log in to the Sign-On Portal,

2. Click on the Office 365 Mail icon

3. Find the suspicious email and right-click on it, or click on the ellipses button next to the email.

A menu will pop up. Scroll down to "Security Options", then choose to mark as Junk/Spam, Block the sender, or mark as Phishing.

If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact our Service Desk:

Phone: 718-990-5000, Monday to Friday, 730am to 730pm EST

Or, Report an incident at and request for someone to contact you.