Before proceeding, please make sure you have followed the install steps listed in Advanced - Installing PrusaSlicer to make sure your slicer is properly configured. 

  1. Locate your 3D model file, ‘.stl’, ‘.obj’, ‘.amf’ and ‘.3mf’ files are supported, and click and drag it onto the build plate.
    Dragging a .STL file into PrusaSlicer to load the file.
    1. You can also import by selecting FILE -> IMPORT -> IMPORT STL/OBJ/AMF/3MF from the top bar.
  2. You should now see your file on the build plate within PrusaSlicer.
    A 3D Model loaded onto the build plate.
  3. On the top right side of PrusaSlicer is where you can adjust your print’s settings.
    1. Red Box – Here you can adjust the quality of your print. The finer the detail, the longer it will take to print and more filament it will use
    2. Blue Box – Here you can add supports for your print. Prints that have overhangs or areas where the nozzle will lay material in the open air will need support.
    3. Purple Box – Here is where you can select the type of material to print with. The Technology Commons only prints in PLA currently. Please select GENERIC PLA from the options.
  4. When you are satisfied with the layout, quality level and determine if supports are needed for your print, select the SLICE NOW button (green arrow above) to preview your print.
  5. Once PrusaSlicer has finished slicing your file, you will get a preview of your print. You can export the .gcode file by selecting the EXPORT G-CODE button in PrusaSlicer
    PrusaSlicer with a sliced file ready for export with a red arrow pointing at the Export G-code button
  6. Give your file a name. Personal Prints can be named anything you would like. Class or Education prints must include a CRN Number and Course Name. Print file names cannot have any Spaces or Special Characters like: !, &, *, or $. Print file names must have the “.gcode” extension.
    1. Personal Print Name Examples:
      1. Aviator_Duck.gcode
      2. My_First_Print.gcode
    2. Educational Print Name Examples:
      1. LAC_1000C_70954_Johnny_Thunderbird.gcode
      2. CSS_1166_12009_Computer_Part.gcode
      3. ART_1000C_72888_Sculpture.gcode
  7. Once properly named, click Save to save your file to your computer.
  8. You can now close PrusaSlicer