If you have a NEW ChromeBook, the OS has had some security improvements to allow for manual configuration to connect to our SJUMobile Wireless Network. 

However, if you have an OLDER Chromebook: Please see: How do I connect to SJUGuest - St. John's Guest WiFi?

If you are NOT an SJU Student, Faculty, or Employee, access is denied to the SJUMobile network, but can the internet can be accessed via our GUEST network: 

How do I connect to SJUGuest - St. John's Guest WiFi?

Please follow the steps to connect Chromebook to SJUMobile wireless network. 

  1. At the bottom right, select the Wi-Fi symbol.

  2. Click “Not Connected”, a new window will pop up. 

3. Under the field for SSIDenter:  SJUMobile
For the Security field, enter: EAP


4. When the Security field is changed to EAP, more options will show up, please fill in the following information:

Security: EAP
EAP method: PEAP
EAP Phase 2 authentication: Automatic
Server CA certificate: Default
Identity: Full SJU email address, as used on the Sign-on Portal
(*Students MUST include @my.stjohns.edu)
Password: Enter the same password used for your Sign-on Portal

5. Once all information is entered, click on the "Connect" button.