Article: 563904589

The instructions below are for connecting to St. John’s University network through Global Protect VPN. With Global Protect you will now have an extra level of security with the implementation of Multifactor Authentication.

For Windows laptops that are managed by St. John’s University IT department, Global Protect will be silently installed for you on the device. Now let's get you connected to Global Protect.

  1. Once Global Protect is available to you; access to Global Protect will be accessible in two ways.

    1. You can access Global Protect by selecting the up arrow in the tool bar on the right side by the time. you will see a gray globe. When you are ready Click on the globe.

b. You can access Global Protect in your program list. Select Global Protect.

2.Once selected a Global Protect Window will appear.

3. Select Connect

4. You are now be redirected to the sign-on portal

5. Enter your St. John’s sign-on credentials

6. Once connected you will see a notification stating you are now connected.