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The instructions below are for connecting to St. John’s University network through GlobalProtect VPN. With GlobalProtect allows an extra level of security through the implementation of Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

For MacBooks that are managed by St. John’s University IT department, GlobalProtect is silently installed for you on the device. The installation will prompt you for your credentials during the silent installation.

If you are unsure if your MacBook is actively being managed, visit and check in the St. John’s Self Service, in your Applications folder.

In the listing of installations, that are available to you, please choose the “GlobalProtect VPN - Palo Alto” and click Install VPN.

Now let's get you connected to GlobalProtect.

  1. Once GlobalProtect is available to you; access to GlobalProtect will be accessible in three ways. The application will not be available on the Dock.

    a. You can access GlobalProtect by selecting the globe in the top menu bar. You will see a gray globe. When you are ready click on the globe.

b. You can access GlobalProtect in your Applications folder. Select

c. You can access GlobalProtect in your Launchpad. Select GlobalProtect

2. Once selected a GlobalProtect prompt will appear.