The form is for booking eGaming Events and eSports equipment.  Primarily for Official St. John’s University eSports Teams use. 

All events must be submitted at least (2) days prior to the event, early submission is recommended. Requests received late will be automatically declined.

Submit form no later than:

For the following event date:

Wednesday 3:00 PM


Thursday 3:00 PM


Friday 3:00 PM


Monday 3:00 PM


Tuesday 3:00 PM


Saturday and Sunday events need to be booked one week in advance.

  • Select > IT Support

  • Click > Sign In

  • Select > Request New Service

  • Type into Search Box > eSports

  • Select > eGaming Event & eSports Equipment Requests

  • Enter your information into the form

  • Click (top right-hand corner) > Place Request

If you would like to reserve for a recurring event, such as: Practice, please write it in the “Additional Comments” section.