I Received my YubiKey in the Mail - What do I do next?
  1. Unbox your YubiKey from the packaging and save the packaging.

  2. Call the Service Desk at 718-990-5000 (x5000) to speak with a Service Desk Agent to let them know that you received your YubiKey.

  3. The agent will place a ticket for your enrollment to be moved to the “ready to be activated” state, you will receive a call back once you are “ready to be activated”

  4. After you are in the ready to be activated state -please proceed to YubiKey Enrollment.

YubiKey Enrollment

  • To enroll your YubiKey, open up a web browser and go to signon.stjohns.edu.
  • Enter your username and password and Click “Sign In”.

  • Click on the “Application” you are trying to access.
  • You will be prompted to insert your YubiKey into the computer to continue setup.

 “Plug” your YubiKey into the USB-C or USB port of your laptop. 

  • After it is plugged in, Click in the “empty text field” and then “Tap” on your YubiKey. 

  •  The YubiKey will start typing automatically, you can Click “the checkbox” to not be prompted for the next 30 days.
  • Click “Verify” and your YubiKey Enrollment is complete
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail to verify your enrollment: