Cisco WebEx is now available to all St. John's University staff, faculty, and students. You can use WebEx to hold online virtual meetings for your daily meetings, classes, group work, and even webinars.

WebEx Meeting Center is great to collaborate on group projects, share information, share your screen, and collaborate on projects. Streamline your meetings with a centralized space for managing activities and information.

For information on how to log in to your WebEx account, please see: How do I sign in to WebEx?

How to Join a WebEx Meeting

When you are invited to a WebEx meeting, you should receive an email invitation from the host.

  • When you receive the WebEx email invitation, click on the Join Button or URL Link provided:

  • After clicking the Join Box, enter your name and email address in the boxes

  • Note: If you have not participated in a WebEx meeting from that specific device in the past, you
    may be prompted to accept and download the WebEx plug- in; a requirement.

  • The steps for doing so will vary based on what browser you are using. Regardless of what
    browser you are using, choose to accept (or run/install) the plug-in. If the plug in is not
    working, choose to run the temporary application.

  • Once you are signed into WebEx, you should see a Box similar to the one below:

How to Use a Phone Only to Connect to a WebEx

  • If you are unable to join the WebEx when you are not at a computer, you can still call into the meeting for audio.

  • The call-in number can also be found in the email invitation.

How to Connect Audio for your WebEx

  • Once you are signed into the WebEx meeting, click “Connect to Audio”

  • You can then connect to Audio in one of two ways:

OPTION 1: Call Using A Phone

  • Click I will call in

  • Call in using a phone with the number provided on your screen. Enter the Access Code and the
    attendee ID when prompted. Note: The Attendee ID number is always a different number.

OPTION 2: Call Using Your Computer Audio; Most Common

  • Click “Call Using Computer”

How to MUTE Yourself

To mute yourself, you can either select mute on the phone in which you used to dial in or you can select the mute icon listed below. Sometimes you can also find the mute icon on the right, next to your name.

How to Start/Stop Your WEBCAM/VIDEO 

  • To start a video you will need a Webcam connected to your computer

  • If you have a Webcam already connected to your computer, WebEx should detect it within WebEx. On the bottom of the screen, click on the camera icon to activate it. You can only do this after you have signed in to the session.

  • To stop the video or to turn off your camera, click on this icon again to turn it off.

How to share your screen or file

Click on the "Up Arrow, Share button"

Under the Screen or Application tab, you can choose to share your entire screen or choose to share just one window that is already open on your computer. For example, Google Chrome, Microsoft Excel, etc.

You can also choose to just share a particular file. If you click on the "File" tab, you can click on "Share file" and choose a file from your computer to share.

Troubleshooting Webex

I am unable to connect to the meeting

If you are unable to connect to a meeting, there are a couple of options to try:

Option 1: Restart your computer
Option 2: Restart your internet (if applicable)
Option 3: Connect to Audio Only

A strong internet connection is needed for WebEx to properly connect. If you are still having issues connecting to the meeting, it may be due to a poor internet connection.

However, the good news is that you can still join the meeting by calling in with a phone. To connect to the meeting audio-only, call in using the call-in number and pin found in the email invitation:

I have joined the WebEx meeting but cannot hear anything

  • If you cannot hear any audio, this may be because you are not connected to audio yet. Please refer to the “How to connect audio” section on page 1.

  • If you are connected to audio via your computer and still cannot hear anything, make sure your speakers
    are connected and the volume is high.

  • Otherwise, try connecting using your phone. To connect audio with your phone, call in using the call in number and access code found in the email invitation.

I never received the email invitation for the meeting

  • The email invitation which includes a link to join the meeting may is sent by the host of your meeting.

  • Check your email spam or may be blocked by your email program. We also recommend whitelisting
    this email address to prevent any future emails from being blocked.

  • Contact your WebEx host to get the meeting number or the WebEx link.

Prior to your meeting, it is a good practice to open a test WebEx meeting

  • Before your meeting begins, you may want to open a test WebEx meeting to verify that your hardware
    and software are working properly with the WebEx interface.

  • To test your computer for a WebEx meeting, click here::

Participants WebEx Best Practices:

  • A headset is better than built-in speakers/microphones

  • Choose a quiet place. Remove background noise from your location

  • Use the best connection possible - wired is better than wireless
    During the session, mute your microphone so that others are not distracted by any background noise
    The "grey mic" icon is beside your name in the participants panel on the right of the WebEx