If you log into Banner Admin and receive a Blank Page

Try refreshing the page. You may have to refresh a couple of more times. If refreshing the page does not work, follow the steps listed below.

If you are getting the message. " User not authenticated" or "Invalid Password" when accessing Banner Admin, this is due to being timed out of the Banner Session.

To fix this issue, try these steps:

  1. Open up your https://signon.stjohns.edu window (This may already be open), and sign out.

    Log back into https://signon.stjohns.edu and then click on the Banner Prod app again.

    If that doesn't work, then try this step:

  2. Close all your browsers and start fresh by going to https://signon.stjohns.edu

    If that doesn't work, then try this step:

  3. Clear your browser history, or try a new browser: Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers for Banner.

    If that doesn't work, then try this step:

  4. Reboot your machine and then repeat Step 1.

If these steps do not work, please Report an Incident to the Service Desk by following these instructions:  

How do I request assistance from I.T.?