After hosting a WebEx meeting or Webinar, you have the ability to create a report of all of the participants and the times that they entered and left the meeting. These reports can be generated for both personal room meetings and scheduled meetings.

1. Log in to your Webex account (See the How Do I Log In To Webex? article)

2. Once logged in, click on your Name on the far Right Side, and then click "My Reports".

3. If you are looking for a report from a Webex Meeting, you will click "Usage Reports" at the top. 
If you are looking for a report from a Webinar, you will click on "Webinar Summary Report".

4. On the Usage Report page, set a date range and click Display Report.

5. A Usage Summary Report will appear. To see the attendance for a particular meeting, click on the name of the meeting.

6. An attendance report will be created, with options to print or Export Report.