A security measure, implemented beginning Spring 2022, in regards to how you view your SJU email has been put into effect.

If you previously set up your email to download via 3rd party apps such as: Apple Mail, iCloud Mail, Windows 10 mail, Samsung Mail, BlueMail, NineMail, Spark, etc, you will no longer be able to do so as of Spring 2022.  Unfortunately, using these apps or using a configuration with Active Sync or IMAP will no longer work. 


For security purposes, access to all SJU email will now only be viewable exclusively via the Microsoft Outlook app, which can be downloaded from the Apple  App Store, Google Play Store for Mobile devices. 

On a computer, Microsoft Outlook can be downloaded from your Microsoft Office 365 account by installing the Office 365 Suite.  How do I install Microsoft Office 365 from my account?

For instructions on how to setup your SJU email on a mobile device Microsoft Outlook, please see here: How do I set up my email on Outlook?

If you are unable to install the Outlook app, your SJU email can also be viewed on the web version, by visiting your SJU Sign-On Portal.

Please login at https://signon.stjohns.edu.. Then, click on the Office 365 Mail icon.

If you have any questions concerning this, please call the service desk: (718) 990-5000, Monday to Friday, 730am - 730pm EST.