Making an appointment with Information Technology’s Academic Technology Department for Application Training, or with the Laptop Support Center for assistance with an SJU-issued laptop.

  • Once logged in to the Sign-On Portal, click on the app labeled "Technology Appointments"

Appointment Type

There is a description of each appointment type, as it is selected. Then, click “Continue.”

  • Laptop Support Center 
  • This appointment is ONLY for assistance with an SJU-issued laptop and has two options for an appointment type. 
    • In-Person appointments take place on the Queens campus in Sullivan Hall, on the first floor, inside the computer lab. 
    • Remote Consultation appointments are also available for those who cannot come to campus in person and will take place via WebEx.

  • REMOTE Application Training 

  • Learn how to use applications, such as Microsoft Office, Panapto, Canvas, WebEx, etc. Appointments for this department are only available in a 15-minute remote session. The requester will be contacted by a representative as to how to connect virtually. This appointment will take place via WebEx.

  • Non-Law School Classroom Podium Training 

  • Learn how to navigate the setup of the classroom podiums on the Queens campus. These training sessions are for classrooms that are outside of the Law School. For Law School assistance, please submit a request on, requesting assistance.               

Appointment Topic

Once the Appointment Type is chosen, the list of possible topics for that area. There is also a description under each topic describing the topic for each appointment. Please scroll down to view all options. Once chosen, click “Continue.”

Choose Date and Time for Appointment

Click on a date with available appointments, and then choose from the list of available times. Once chosen, click “Continue.”

Contact Page

The fields in red will be required to fill out in order to proceed with an appointment.

*An SJU email address MUST be used to request an appointment. Appointments will not be confirmed without it.

If the “Send text notifications” box is checked, you will receive an appointment confirmation text.

A confirmation page will generate when you have successfully scheduled your TimeTrade appointment, containing details of the date, time, description, and location of the appointment requested.

A reminder email with the same details will be sent 24 hours, and 1 hour before the start of the appointment. If text notifications were enabled during the appointment creation, a text message reminder will also be sent 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the start of the appointment to the cell phone number provided.

In-Person appointments with the Laptop Support Center have a strict adherence to a schedule. If you are more than 10 minutes late, due to time constraints and to ensure physical distancing rules in between appointments, your appointment may be canceled. You will have to reschedule should this happen.

Confirmation Email:

An email will also be sent to the requestor with an ICS file to add the appointment to their calendar.

For questions concerning submitting an appointment request, please visit:, and click "Report an Incident."