If you want to restrict who can attend your WebEx meeting only to those who you have invited. These steps will show you how to restrict access.

  1. Log in to https://signon.stjohns.edu.  (If you have never logged in to the Sign-on Portal, please see: Log in Instructions for Sign-On Portal)

  2. Click on the WebEx app

  3. Click on the Schedule button.

  4. Scroll down and click on the "Advanced Options" link:

  5. In the Scheduling Options, Under Unlocked Meetings, a host can choose to force guests (Those without a St. John's email address) to wait until a host admits them, or completely eliminate guests from joining.

  6. Another security feature that you can enable is to check off: "Exclude password from email invitation".
    This will prevent someone from being able to join the meeting simply by clicking on the link. You will have to provide the password to your students separately in another email sent directly to your students. You can leave the randomly generated password, or change it to something different.

  7. If someone unwanted gains entry to your meeting, or if an attendee becomes disruptive, a host can expel them from the meeting.

     The best method to prevent unwanted attendees from joining your meeting is to require a password to join the meeting, and ONLY provide the password to those specific attendees that you want to join.

    **If your WebEx meeting was created through Canvas, an attendee cannot join unless they signed in through Canvas.
    (Please see these steps to create the meeting: How do I create a WebEx meeting in Canvas?