If you need to log in to a computer in a classroom podium or a computer lab while you are on campus, you will use the same exact username and password that you use for the Sign-On Portal.


Username is your email address in the format of: firstname.lastname##@my.stjohns.edu

Example: john.doe21@my.stjohns.edu

Faculty / Employees:

Username is your email address in the format of: Lastname followed by first initial of first name @stjohns.edu

Example: doej@stjohns.edu

Your password is the current password that you use to log in to https://signon.stjohns.edu..

If you have not logged in to the Sign-On Portal before, please follow the steps here to get your account set up.

How do I log in to the Sign-on Okta Portal at Signon.stjohns.edu?

If you continue to have problems logging in, visit: https://ithelp.stjohns.edu, and click "Report an incident". Let us know what classroom you are in and having issues logging in to. You can test your access by visiting our open computer lab in Sullivan Hall, First Floor, to log in to one of the computers there. In your report to us, let us know if your account works there, but not in the classroom in which you are scheduled.

Computer Lab hours: https://www.stjohns.edu/office-information-technology/technology-labs-and-resources/computer-labs